15 Best Tours in West Kalimantan that People Often Visit

West Kalimantan is a province of Kalimantan and  its capital is Pontianak.

The  fourth largest part of Indonesia’s province is rich  in  nature, even West Kalimantan is called the country of “Thousand Rivers”.

With hundreds of rivers, large and small, the state is famous for  its  wealth and beautiful and enchanting natural tourist destinations.

 west kalimantan tourist destinations

So don’t be surprised if  tourists make Kalbar as  one of their weekend  vacation  destinations.  What are the best tourist attractions in  West Kalimantan right now and what are the tourist destinations?    This is the review

1.  Riam Marum Waterfall

The waterfall, which is located in  the  forest area of Mount Kadal,  precisely in  the villages of  Pesak, Dusundal and Togovilas, is really a beautiful and enchanting waterfall tourist destination.

About  10 meters high,  well drained and surrounded by trees,  this waterfall is very interesting and suitable for a vacation in West Kalimantan.

: Dusun, Jl. Raya Dawar, Pisak, Seventeen, Liga Bengkayang, West Kalimantan 79251

2. Cascade  Waterfall Sebopet

This waterfall  is perfect for those of you who like to swim.  Located in  Bangkayan district,  this waterfall is not very high, but it is a unique waterfall  with rich  drainage and  a large pond below.

Access to  this waterfall is very easy and cheap, so you can enjoy the  beauty of this waterfall.  It is one of the  best tourist destinations in West Kalimantan.

: Tunang, Mempawah Hulu, Porcupine League, West Kalimantan 79363

3. Cascade Waterfall  Recedes

This  5m-high  waterfall  is a waterfall surrounded by large shady trees next to it, with undulating stairs and  a very mysterious waterfall.

Riam Surut Waterfall is located in an ancient village in  Sanggau Ledo district, not far from  downtown Bengkayang.

: Cipta Karya, Sungai Betung, Liga Bengkayang, West Kalimantan 79211

4. Jami Pontianak Mosque

Pontianak Grand Mosque  is a place of worship for Muslims in Pontianak and secretly witnesses  the  origin of the city of Pontianak. This historic mosque now serves not only as a place of worship, but also as one of  the places of worship.  Tourist destinations  in West Kalimantan.

Located 200 meters from the Cadria Pontianak Palace, this mosque  can accommodate up to 1500 worshippers.   Everyone will be amazed to see jama Masjid Pontianak in a beautiful mosque  with impressive buildings.

: In Bugis, Keck.   Pontianak team. West Kalimantan, Pontianak City 78243

5. Pasir Panjang Beach

One of  the beautiful beaches  of  West Kalimantan is a must-visit  beach attraction.  It has a large white sand beach,  beautiful beach with family swimming pool,  children’s playground,  food stalls and even various rides such as motocross games . ..  Go-karts etc.  it is one of  the  best tourist destinations in West Kalimantan.

You can also  visit the small islands near this long sandy beach, such as Kabang, Limocol and Randayan.

: J.  Pasir Panjang No.89, Sedau, Singkawang Sel., Singkawang City, West Kalimantan 79163, Indonesia

6.  Randayan Island

Not far from the long sandy beach, Inda is a very exotic island suitable for honeymooners  who want to travel.  This place  has a small  villa overlooking the sea, which is very beautiful and beautiful.

7. Temajuk Beach

Tamanguk Beach  is the first beach in the Federation of Indonesia, and this beach that is directly adjacent to  the country of Malaysia  is the best tour of West Kalimantan which  is beautiful and has not been visited much   tourists.

The beach is located in a remote village in  the area.  Paloh, Sambas and West Kalimantan  are certainly beautiful beaches, the air is still very cold, the place is  still very beautiful, and adds to the beauty of this beach.

: West Kalimantan 79466

8.  Selimpai Island

The island, which is also a habitat  for sea turtles, is  one of  the suitable places to be used as one of  the West Kalimantan holiday destinations.

Not only the  scenery and beaches are still in good condition and well maintained in  this location, you can also  see turtles laying eggs here.

: Sububus ,, Sebubus, Paloh, Liga Sambas, West Kalimantan

9 . Equatorial Monument

The Great Monument  in West Kalimantan, North Pontianak and Jalan Katuristowa This place is a natural phenomenon where the sun directly touches the  equator and all objects in  this place are cold.

This equatorial monument is  also  one of    pontianak’s tourism icons and is the best  tourism in  West  Kalimantan.

: J.   Equatorial Number Kel, Baturyan, North Pontianak, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan 78244

10. Kapuas River

The river, which  is the  lifeblood of almost all people in West Kalimantan,  is the  pride of the people of  Kalimantan, and  the  longest river in Indonesia is very famous for the  beauty of its vast rivers and exotic.

In fact, many tourists explore and explore this river to the end.

11.  Radakng House

The  typical Kalimantan traditional house  , Dayak, is the best tourist destination in West  Kalimantan that  you must visit and is built with very charming architecture.  In addition, tourists are invited to familiarize themselves with the daily  life of the Dayak people.

: Bangkong River, Kec. Pontianak City, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan 78113

12. Gunung Palung National Park

This 90,000-hectare national park  is home to  2,200 proboscis monkeys and is the most complete ecosystem in Indonesia.

The national park  is  home to many species of  flora and fauna, including mountain valleys at an altitude of 1,116 meters above  sea level.

: Padu Banjar, Kec.  Simpang Hilir,  Ketapan Regency, West Kalimantan 78857

13. Bukit Kelam

Located in West Kalimantan, or Sintang Regency,  this famous tourist attraction is the largest massif  monolithic  tourist attraction in the world. In  this place, visitors can get a very beautiful and amazing natural charm.

Dark Hill is also perfect for those of you who like challenging sports such as rock climbing.  It takes extra effort  to reach the  top of the rock.

: Melpack, Keram Permai,  Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan

14. Lake Sentarum National Park

Located in  Full Capuas Regency,  this national park is a beautiful national park with a vast and magical savanna.

But in the  rainy season,  this savanna is flooded with  water from the  Kapuas River and looks like a vast lake with a beautiful mountain range of small  islands.

Lake Kentalum National Park is  also a natural habitat  for osteoglossidae fish.

: Nangare Boyan, Centarum, Nangare Boyan, Lake Centarum,  Kapuas Penuh Regency, West Kalimantan 78765

15.  Bengkayang Mushroom Hill

Surrounded by various hills and valleys, West Kalimantan is the last recommended tourist destination.

Not far from downtown  Benkayan, this is the only attraction that  visitors never  leave behind.

The beautiful  scenery  and  cool air make this place a place where everyone can relax for a long time.


: Bhakti Mulya, Kec.  Bengkayang,  Bengkayang Regency, West Kalimantan 79213

Although West Kalimantan is already famous for a   variety of interesting cultures, the  tourist attractions above also prove that the   best tourist attractions in  West Kalimantan are  no less beautiful than  places   other tours in Indonesia.

Moreover,  Pontianak culinary is also typical of West Kalimantan and is favored by tourists who visit  West Kalimantan.

We hope you  that the above information is  useful, and we look forward to  cooperating  with you.

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