15 List of the Most Famous West Kalimantan Souvenirs

If you are not looking for unique and interesting souvenirs, then a stopover in West Kalimantan is not complete. Not only can you take it home as a souvenir typical of a tropical city, but various souvenirs typical of West Kalimantan can also be used as souvenirs for friends and loved ones.

Of course, in West Kalimantan there are many unique souvenirs that are not found anywhere else. Therefore, it is a pity to miss the opportunity to look for various souvenirs. Usually, there are many souvenir shops around the tourist attractions. There are also specialized shopping centers that offer different types of souvenirs for tourists to take home. So what souvenirs are recommended to buy?

1. Woven Fabric

Textiles are one of the popular regional products in West Kalimantan. No wonder tourists who vacation in Kalimantan always target textiles. West Kalimantan textiles certainly have their own characteristics and charms. In this way, tourists can fall in love with her beauty.

Typical motifs of West Kalimantan textiles include samba, kapuasul, mimbawa, and other interesting motifs. There are many textures and colors of textiles that tourists prepare to buy. Therefore, textiles have become the most developed domestic enterprises in West Kalimantan.

2. Weaving Scarf

In addition to being in the form of cloth sheets, the handicrafts of the people of West Kalimantan can also be purchased in the form of woven shawls. Local handicraft businesses also attract tourists. The reason is, this typical West Kalimantan souvenir  is very beautiful, beautiful and easy to use.

The size is not too big, so it can be taken home as a souvenir for the family. The forms of woven shawls are also very diverse. These motifs are Melawi, Sintang, Capuasful, Sanggau, etc. The color combination is also attractive, making it a unique souvenir.

3. Anjat

Tourists who like to collect bags typical of the Indonesian region must be very happy and immediately fell in love with a typical West Kalimantan bag  called Anjat. Yes, Angat is a backpack inherited from the Dayak people. Anjat is usually used as a backpack to carry various items when Dayak people travel.

Today, Anjat has turned into the best-selling product on the market and is not inferior to today’s trendy jute bags. Angat itself is made of rattan and is homemade. Anjat is tubular with a height of about 70 cm. This classic bag does not have a cover on the bag. However, Angat has a small bracelet made of rattan cloth. Rattan bracelets are tied to the rope to carry the bag.

4. Beads

West Kalimantan , especially Pontianak, is also famous for its regional products in the form of handicrafts. Many local residents make and operate various homemade beads, but the quality is guaranteed to be good and satisfactory.

Types of beads that are often caught by tourists include bracelets, bags, necklaces, and various other beads. In fact, it should be noted that the beads are inseparable from the life of the dayak. The reason is that each bead has its own value and is considered sacred.

5. Tanjak Melayu

Tangak Melayu is also a typical product of the West Kalimantan region  and should not be ignored. Tangak itself is a typical Malay hat that is commonly worn in various ceremonies. Local entrepreneurs in the community make anjat with a variety of unique and interesting items.

Every region in West Kalimantan generally has a distinctive motif. The variety of color combinations is also very diverse, so tourists can choose the one they like according to taste.

6. Lawar Clothing Khas Pontianak

Pontianak has a special clothing brand called Lawar Clothing. Millennials will definitely love this one souvenir. Lawar Clothing combines the uniqueness of Pontianak and its local culture in t-shirts and clothing with a more modern and modern concept.

For this reason, this clothing line is favored by Pontianak young people, including tourists who visit. Innovative designs always make this product more attractive, and this is not the only one, so it is the perfect memento!

7. Seija Footwear

Well, if it is a T-shirt manufacturer, then Pontianak also has a local shoe brand. Her name is Seija Footwear. It can be said that this domestic product competes with other well-known brands, you can compete in quality and price.

This product is very popular among millennials in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, thus encouraging out-of-town tourists to collect their own collections. These local products will make your appearance even cooler. So take it early! Please go directly to the store.

8. Soeltan Weaving

Those who like unique, ethnic and modern things should purchase this item. Soeltan Weaving is a clothing brand created by the creativity of West Kalimantan textiles. This gorgeous souvenir packs traditional samba textiles into a more modern one without losing their strange side.

Textiles are usually my father’s favorite, but this time the model is the latest, so Sueltan Weaving is popular with young people. So it was the perfect souvenir.

9. Amethyst

If you ask where the Pontianak Souvenir Center is, PSP Luco is the answer. This shop on Jalan Patimura sells many beautiful and interesting souvenirs in West Kalimantan.

One of them is amethyst. It can be difficult to make gifts for your parents. Yes, I think this amethyst is a great gift for a father, grandfather, or uncle who likes stones. The piece is about 200,000 and the ring is 250,000.

10. This Manik

Another more practical souvenir is a beaded bag. Pontianak West Kalimantan is famous for its taknyaTangan made of beads, including this beaded bag. Many shops sell beaded bags of various shapes, motifs, and sizes.

They are not only made of beads, but there are also those made by rattan weaving. If it’s a price issue, don’t ask. It depends on the shape and size, but quite cheap, 70-100000 per piece.

11. Traditional Clothes

Each state needs its own traditional attire. Today, traditional clothing is not only worn for formal occasions and exhibitions, but today it is often used as a souvenir.

Many are looking for it because it is considered anti-mainstream and singular. The price of folk fashion souvenirs ranges from 350,000 to 550,000 per set, depending on the size and design.

12. Car Decoration

Visit Pontianak West Kalimantan and you will surely find thousands of handicrafts made of beads. Like the decoration of this car, it is made of beads with various ornaments and shapes.

This souvenir is very simple and suitable to give to anyone. This ornament is also very versatile and can be hung in the rearview mirror of the car or anywhere else. Prices range from 10,000 to 25,000 per piece.

13. Bird Ornaments

This memento is made of wood from West Kalimantan and is perfect for decorating home rooms such as family rooms and bedrooms. The decoration on this wall is very unique and interesting because of its very unique shape.

This bird ornament is only in Pontianak and you need to spend around 180-101,000 rupiah per unit to get it.

14. Miniature Equatorial Monument

Every city needs its own teachers. Pontianak is no exception. The landmark of Pontianak City is the Equator Monument. Now, all the icons in each city should be miniature.

You can get a miniature equatorial monument for only 80-200 thousand. Buying souvenirs typical of West Kalimantan may be the right choice. Because I never finished visiting Pontianak without bringing home these souvenirs.

15. Mandau

The traditional weapon of the Dayak people is mandau. Today, this weapon is created not only to function as it should, but also as an exemplary souvenir. The type of sword itself depends on the difference in engraving.

This memento is suitable for display, so that the nuances of Pontianak are maintained and maintained until you return home. The price is still standard, about 800,000-400,000, depending on the size and model.

So everyone chooses Pontianak’s typical souvenirs in the form of durable goods that can be carried around. You can please others with these souvenirs at a price that does not drain your wallet.

Here is a list of the 15 most famous and must-buy souvenirs typical of West Kalimantan . All souvenirs are guaranteed to be very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about the price. When can I buy kalimantan products at affordable prices? So don’t miss this opportunity when you stop by West Kalimantan.


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