Typical Food of West Kalimantan which is famous for its delicious, which is your choice?

Take the time to go on a culinary tour  with family and friends while on vacation in West Kalimantan.  While there, check out the recommendations for West Kalimantan specialties  that can be included in the menu.  See this!

List of  typical West Kalimantan foods


Sungkui is exactly the typical food of  West Kalimantan from Sanggau.  Songkui is a kind of rice cake vegetable dish.  The common difference  between Songkui and Lontong vegetables is the packaging material.

Songkoi is processed with  a rice  base wrapped in  a  special leaf called songkoi leaf.  Wrap the rice that has been boiled for 5 to 8 hours  thinly and vertically with sonkwe leaves.

Songkui is suitable to be eaten with chicken and pineapple sauce.  Delicious  Sangaumaray dishes are  usually served during parties.

 Padas Porridge

Padas  porridge is the main dish  of sambas. West Kalimantan is a kind of porridge  cooked  with red chili.

The color of this porridge is   darker than other porridges because it uses brown  rice.   This porridge  uses vegetables sprinkled with  beans on anchovies.

The word “badas” has  nothing to do  with spicy taste, since porridge is cooked with various ingredients and is rich in  spices.

This West Kalimantan specialty food offers  a delicious and filling taste and aroma  of porridge.

The   dish, whose  real name is  baba bada, consists of finely ground  rice and grilled rice.

This porridge  also provides a variety of  vegetables such as fern leaves, kale,  turmeric leaves,  cassava leaves, and  peeled corn.

The broth itself uses selected herbs and spices  cooked  with bones and  ground beef.

The delicious sensation of spicy porridge is even more special with a sprinkling of anchovies and  fried  peanuts  .

To enjoy this delicious spicy porridge, come to Pa’Ngah Spicy Porridge on Jalan P.  Natakusuma No. 74, Bancon River, Pontianak City, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan.

Another recommendation  is Mentali Spicy Porridge on WR Street.  Supratman, Kauman, Benoa Kayong, Ketapang, West Kalimantan.

 wet crackers

This West Kalimantan specialty food is called wet crushing or temet.  Like palembang’s signature pempek,  wet biscuits are made from fish  batter and  wheat flour.

Wet biscuits  can be steamed or fried.  The texture is fragrant and chewy, spicy and sweet, sprinkled with peanut sauce.

This  typical Capuasful snack  in West Kalimantan  offers a different taste.

If   you enjoy most of  the biscuits after crisp frying, they are served wet.

Made from a mixture of  sago flour and fish,  this  food is definitely similar to  Empekempek in Palembang because it is served with peanut  seasonings  such as satay and dumplings.

This preferential treatment is available in  Wet Crackers on M Street.   Yamin Gg. PGA No. 27, Bancon River, Pontianak City, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan.

But but

Ale ale or crustaceans are one of  the typical foods of West Kalimantan and come from Ketapan.  Ale Ale is a term for processed  seafood  such as oysters, and can be processed into a variety of cooking methods such as fried  beer,  chili beer, salted beer, and  broth beer  viscous.

Beer is usually salted and boiled.  Ale ale contains not only delicious protein, but also healthy protein.

This menu  is perfect for seafood  lovers, especially oysters.  This dish from Ketapan West Kalimantan  uses white beer shells which are found  in  many  coastal areas of Ketapan.

Even though it is processed in a fairly simple  way, Yale Yale still has a special taste.

No wonder this   list is one  of the most popular foods for tourists.

Most of  the beer can be  found at Pondok Alley in Pontianak City in West Kalimantan, South Pontianak, Barrett Tukaya, and Stoyo Lt. Jalan.

Another recommendation  is the Ale-ale Hut on Candramidi Princess Street in Gg.  Podmorodaram, Bancon River, Pontianak City, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan.


Pencan is a typical West Kalimantan food and can be eaten as a snack or heavy food.  Pencan is a “Lember” in West Kalimantan.  This is a  delicious dish made by grilling dried shrimp on glutinous rice  and rolling them into cones.

For  a relaxing dessert, enjoy tea or coffee.  Rich food can be eaten with chili sauce and shellfish.  The combination of   glutinous rice and spicy chili paste will make you addicted!

Those are some of the popular West Kalimantan specialties that must be eaten while  in West Kalimantan.

sago noodles

Cured sago noodles  are one of  the  very popular West Kalimantan  specialty rolls, so take your  time to taste the deliciousness.

Add  the fragrant spicy broth, bean sprouts, leeks  and cutlets of  meat to make the chewy texture of the  noodles even more delicious.  The delicious menu  is very suitable for eating warmth.

Come to Syabila Paris on Jalan Paris Gg to enjoy delicious sago noodles. Muslim1 no. 26, Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

In addition to  sago noodles,  this place also offers a menu of  spicy porridge,  salty noodles,  tiao noodles, and techno.

 fish porridge

This dish  is a typical Pontianak  menu with a Chinese feel.  Fish porridge  consists mainly  of  rice and is cooked with soup  or  pieces of fish.

Commonly  used fish  are Red  Sea freshwater fish  , pestle fish, or napoleon fish. Fish is presented in the  form of fillets, so you can choose to taste.

This  delicious porridge menu  is available at Ahian Fish Bubur on WR Street.  Supratman No. A3/27, Benua Melayu Darat, South Pontianak, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan.

Other orders  are fish  porridge at Jaranjajamada No. 90 in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, South Pontianak and the Malayy Continent.

 bonai bird

This typical West Kalimantan food  is very interesting because it  consists mainly  of bonai birds.

Processed birds are  usually served by frying or grilling with the addition of rice, chili sauce, and vegetables.

Delicious food  is served in  mempawah and Pontianak areas.

One of them is at Pondok Pengkang Resto on Jalan Raya Peniti, Piniti Luar, Siantan, Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

 pulp scissors

This processed porridge with a distinctive taste is a combination of  fragrant chocolate and  sweet bean porridge soup.

This porridge menu  is perfect for breakfast in the morning  to start.

The  original portion of scissor pulp  can be found in the Pulp of Scissors Asun on Jalan P.  Antasari No. 56, Pasiran,  West Singkawang, Singkawang City, West Kalimantan.

cake frame

This dessert is also called pinky cake.  This traditional   cake  offers an appetizing taste and is also perfectly fine.

The ingredients to make it are  very simple:  wheat flour, coconut milk, eggs, granulated sugar  and a pinch of salt.

Then use clover leaves or a round sheet of paper  to form a dough and bake until cooked.

This snack  is one of  the typical  foods of West Kalimantan for tourists.

Bunka cakes are easy to find in traditional markets  and pastry shops. One of them is at FajarAlFajarBingkaCake on Jalan Adisucipto No. 155b, Bangka Belitung Laut, Southeast Pontianak, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan.

Sago Ice  Scissors

This  pontianak  sweet dish  is very suitable to be enjoyed when relaxing.  This cold drink   is made by  slicing sago and boiling it until smooth and chewy.

These ingredients  are served with red beans,  black glutinous rice, pearls, and ponko, so they have a rather full flavor.

You can enjoy  scissor and chehuntiaw ice sago at JalanWR.  Subratman, Land Malay  Continent, South Pontianak, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan.


This wet cake  is one of  the fun snacks to taste in Pontianak.

Its unique shape  turned out to be made from a mixture of steamed  rice  flour and  sago flour.  The contents consist of  bengkuang, leeks,  shrimp, taro and bamboo shoots.

Sprinkle with fried  onions and  chili sauce to make it more appetizing.

To enjoy  this uniquely flavored  cake, you can come to Ahinchaik Wepanas Siam in Pontianak City, West Kalimantan, South Pontianak, Jalan Siam on the  Malay land continent.

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